Kinmont is the very first sustainable seafood restaurant in Chicago. Freshness is paramount, and we source sustainably caught fish on a daily basis, which is reflected in our ever-changing seafood dishes.

With a rustic yet refined approach at our core, we have plenty of food for landlubbers, too, including one of Chicago's top burgers, pastas and fresh vegetables.

Our name comes from a salmon fly-fishing lure known as the Kinmont Willie, which was widely used by the passionate anglers of 19th century sportsman's clubs. These club members are widely viewed as the first environmentalists in America due to their ethical fishing and hunting practices and strict conservation tenants. Their ethos is at the core of everything we do. 

Kinmont is owned by Element Collective, a hospitality group rooted in the idea of blending progressive and approachable by taking traditional concepts and elevating them. Every Element Collective project is created with a chef-driven approach to food and drinks, an emphasis on sustainability, fanatical attention to detail, a sophisticated eye for design, and dedication to providing a quality experience. Element Collective restaurants include Nellcôte, RM Champagne Salon, Old Town Social, Leghorn Chicken, and Expat

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